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3 Reasons You Need Sunglasses Under the Florida Sun

3 Reasons You Need Sunglasses Under the Florida Sun

Florida is one of the hottest states in the US. This year, April was the 4th hottest month in Orlando, marking a trend of increasing temperatures since 1892. Since 1970, April temperatures in the city have risen by 2.6°F. Given increasing temperatures and sunnier days, Floridians — especially Avalon Park Wesley Chapel residents — must care more about their health when going outside. People often focus on skin protection, such as putting on sunscreen, but they often neglect another vital sense that has to be safeguarded: their vision.

Although many rely on vision to navigate the world, a lack of eye care can lead to irreversible conditions that could have otherwise been prevented. Rather than let your eyesight degrade, one of the easiest ways to protect your eyes is by wearing sunglasses. This article aims to explore three reasons why you need sunglasses under the Florida sun:

Reduce glare and improve navigation

Under the bright sun, the ground and objects can reflect light, causing a glare that strains people’s eyes. Not only is glare negatively impacting the quality of vision, but it can be especially harmful to drivers relying mainly on sight to drive safely. For instance, in 2021, a cyclist was killed in Jupiter as the driver couldn’t see the traffic light because of glare. It was after this incident that the Florida Department of Transportation installed backplates on traffic lights on some east-west roads to create a shadow, allowing drivers to distinguish colors of green, yellow, and red better. As not all traffic lights have these backplates, it’s recommended that drivers wear polarized sunglasses to reduce glare and light. Not only can this improve the driving experience, but it can keep other motorists and pedestrians safe.

Prevent headaches or migraines

If you have headaches or migraines after entering bright sunlight, you may have photophobia or extreme light sensitivity. While most only experience mild discomfort when transitioning from a dark to a bright place, light-sensitive people have difficulty adjusting or even experience pain at normal light levels. This condition can be worsened by poor vision, which can lead to eye strain that causes more discomfort. In most cases, photophobia and poor vision just have to be managed. One great preventative measure includes prescription sunglasses, as they block light and correct your vision. Given this need, top eyewear brand Ray-Ban offers sunglasses that protect your eyes from the sun without compromising your vision. Their Original Wayfarer Classic model is highly customizable with prescription lenses, a variety of colorways, and an iconic frame that suits all face shapes — perfect for a day out by the River Glen Clubhouse.

Protection from UV radiation

As mentioned earlier, ultraviolet (UV) radiation not only damages the skin, but it can also damage our eyes. Even on cloudy days, UVA and UVB from sunlight can cause cataract formation from prolonged exposure, leading to blurry or desaturated vision. The American Optometric Association highlights how children, in particular, are significantly more susceptible to eye damage from UV light than adults, as their pupils are larger and the lenses of their eyes are more transparent, leading to more UV rays reaching inside the eye. This is why optical technology innovator HOYA Vision Care is working on a new line of glasses to protect children from intense sunlight. When looking for a new pair of sunglasses, look for lenses labeled “UV400” to ensure they block out harmful UV rays.

The Floridian sun can be hot and harsh, so you need to take extra care of your eyes and take the necessary precautions. For Avalon Park Wesley Chapel residents and visitors, this means putting on your sunglasses for preventative care to fully enjoy our community amenities and play in the pools, parks, and playgrounds all year-round.



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