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30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

If you’re like most of us, you’re probably getting that itch again. Yes, folks, it’s Spring time, and with the Spring comes the incessant urge to peel ourselves out of hibernation mode, and gear up for that beautiful Florida summer that’s just around the corner. We’ve found the perfect 30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge that will help you to deep-clean and de-clutter your home even with the busiest of schedules. Here we go!

For a similar free printable version to hang on your fridge, click here.

30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge:

Day 1: Clean Microwave and Oven (even in-between the oven door glass

Day 2: Clean dishwasher and appliances

Day 3: Wipe down pantry

Day 4: Scrub fridge inside and out.

Day 5: Organize pantry and toss any expired items.

Day 6: Clean kitchen sink (including under the sink)

Day 7: Wipe down walls and give the garbage can a good scrub.

Day 8: Deep clean the stove top, kitchen counters, and floor.


Day 9: Clean out medicine cabinet. Toss expired and old medicines.

Day 10: Toss old towels and de-clutter under the sink.

Day 11: Deep clean shower, curtain/door, walls.

Day 12: Deep clean toilet, bathroom surface areas, mirror and floor. (Tired of stink? Try Poopourie)

Bedrooms: (Have the kids do these as their chores in their own bedrooms)

Day 13: Clean mirrors, windows, blinds, and curtains.

Day 14: De-Clutter, and organize closet and drawers, and give away what you haven’t used in the last 3 months.

Day 15: Deep-clean mattress, wash pillows, linen and comforter.

Day 16: Vacuum, or sweep and mop floor, making sure to clean under furniture.

Day 17:  walls, baseboards, and fixtures.

Living Room:

Day 18: Wash sofa seats, throw pillows, and blankets/covers.

Day 19: Clean throw pillows, rugs, chairs, and tables.

Day 20: Wipe down TV and all electronics.

Day 21: De-clutter, tossing all unwanted items

Day 22: Vacuum, or sweep and mop floor, making sure to clean under furniture.

Day 23: Clean walls, baseboards, and fixtures.

Day 24: Clean windows, blinds, and curtains.


Day 25: De-clutter drawers and bookshelves.

Day 26: Wipe down desk, chair, walls, baseboards, bookshelves, and fixtures.


Day 27: Clean washing machine and dryer.

Day 28: Clean patio and outdoor equipment

Day 29: Clean car

Day 30: Clean vacuum and cleaning supplies.

Looking for some de-cluttering inspiration? There is a beautiful designer’s blog that focuses on clearing out the clutter and really letting your style shine through in your home.

Table with box, flowers, and book on it

Click here to explore TheInspiredRoom!

And When all else fails: How to Fake a clean home in under 20 minutes.

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